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3Dgeophysics specializes in geophysical investigations for geotechnical, engineering, and environmental applications. 3Dg has extensive expertise in two- and three-dimensional (2D/3D) subsurface imaging using seismic, ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistivity, magnetometry, and electromagnetic (EM) methods.


Geotechnical/Engineering Applications
Environmental Applications


PT cable and rebar location

Buried utility location

Concrete and asphalt thickness studies

Soil and rock characterization

Depth to bedrock and rippability studies

Utility burial evaluation

Void detection

Peat depth evaluation

Cross hole studies

UST mapping

Graveyard mapping

Aggregate and clay mapping


Corrosion and electrical studies



UST location

Buried utility location

Fracture and pathway evaluation

Contaminant plume mapping

Sediment and bedrock studies

Karst feature imaging

Landfill evaluation

Landfill cap thickness studies

Landfill extent studies

Fracture trace analysis

Recovery system optimization studies

Drain and tile mapping

Leak detection

Snow depth mapping