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3Dgeophysics sells and rents instrumentation for the most utilized geophysical techniques. 3Dg is an authorized factory representative of the following geophysical instrument manufacturers:


Seismographs, Magnetometers, Conductivity Meters,
Capacitively-Coupled Resistivity System, Utility Locators



Ground Conductivity Meters, Metal Detection Systems,
Time Domain Electromagnetics, VLF Receiver/Transmitters



Vibration and Blast Monitoring Seismographs



Handheld Rugged Field Computers



Borehole Geophysical Logging Systems



Global Positioning Systems



Concrete Thickness Gauges



Exploration Seismographs



Ground Penetrating Radar Systems



Global Positioning Systems



Down-hole Video Cameras



Down-hole Video Cameras


Seismic Accessories: Land Streamers,
Rollalong Switches, Borehole Geophones