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3DGeophysics (3Dg) was established in 1999 to promote the use of geophysics. 3Dg specializes in the acquisition and analysis of geophysical data for geotechnical, engineering, and environmental applications. We are committed to providing the highest quality geophysical information at the lowest achievable cost. Our employees are sensitive to the specific requirements of our projects and approach every job as a unique opportunity to improve our services and better serve our clients.

The experienced staff at 3Dg has provided geophysical services to commercial and government clients throughout the US for over 25 years. Engineering geophysics is our sole occupation. We have extensive expertise using seismic, ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistivity, magnetometry, and electromagnetic (EM) methods. 3Dg has a complete inventory of the latest geophysical instrumentation. Most of our instruments have been integrated with Differential-GPS (DGPS) to provide automatic and accurate data location. Many of our geophysical projects have integrated ATVs or small marine vessels with DGPS and powerful navigation systems for rapid data collection.

The emphasis at 3Dgeophysics is the acquisition and analysis of high quality three-dimensional (3D) images. Properly collected and migrated 3D geophysical data provide the most accurate and highest resolution images of the subsurface. 3Dg maintains a complete suite of the most modern data analysis software.

Pursuant to our efforts to promote subsurface imaging 3Dg represents many of the best geophysical instrumentation manufacturers. 3Dg sells and rents instrumentation for the most utilized geophysical techniques. Our extensive experience as geophysical practitioners makes us uniquely qualified to demonstrate and train our clients on the most appropriate tools they can use to meet their project objectives. Our clients purchase from 3Dg with confidence because we only sell and recommend the field-proven products that we use on our own projects. 3Dg is an authorized factory representative for Geometrics, Geonics Ltd., Instantel, Inc., Juniper Systems Inc., Mount Sopris Instrument Co., Navcom Technology, Inc., Olson Engineering Inc., Seistronix, Sensors & Software Inc., Trimble Navigation Ltd, GeoStuff, Inc., Marks Products, Inc. and Nature Vision Inc.